Friday, February 3, 2012

Step Away From the Fabric

I don't usually go into Racine too often and when I do it's usually to go to either the fabric shop, Joann's - or both - and it usually involves buying sale fabric.   Since I had a non-fabric appointment in Racine today, I decided it was time to pick up a zipper I needed for a jacket I'm making for my grandson.  Being that my goal for the year was not to buy any fabric and to work exclusively from stash, this was like waving an ice cream cone under my nose (I'm on a diet too!).  My willpower was wavering...

I found my zipper,  and since they had a sale on thread, I pickedup a couple of spools of white for my serger (I ran out).  I checked out the batting (no sale there) and "had" to pass the discount area.  Nothing caught my eye (whew).  But wait!!!  They had flannel on sale - $2.50 (regular $6.99) a yard!!  Glancing at the bolts, my eye was drawn to -- gasp -- a colorful collection of lizards!  My grandson has finally diversified his obsession with dinosaur and has moved on to lizards.  This means Amma has to make pajama bottoms in various lizard fabric.  I just couldn't pass it up at that price.   I mean, it was almost as cheap as the Black Friday sales - and no one was beating down the door to get it....  that bolt was all mine!! 

So I bought 2 yards....  It really doesn't count does it??  I mean, it wasn't adding to my quilting stash, and my goal was to make QUILTS from stash....  Besides, his 5th birthday is in a few weeks and he needs more pj bottoms...

Cute fabric huh?  I can't wait until he sees them. 

Besides.... they kept me away from my real passion -- quilting fabric, altho I had a moment of weakness at the cutting table....  But, I persevered!! 

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joy4candles said...

Ahhh did manage to stay your course. Now, I want to know how much talking you did when you are supposed to be on a sabbatical from speaking.

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