Thursday, February 16, 2012

Easiest Quilt Ever

You've probably seen this one all over the internet.  I know I've seen You Tube videos of how it's done and even races to see how fast someone an do one.  This one is a Jelly Roll quilt!

The basic instructions for this easy quilt are:

Take one Jelly Roll.  Or two if you want a bigger quilt.  I happen to have one I bought last year from JoAnn's on sale.  Join all the strips so you have one very long strip of fabric.  I think it looks much more appealing when you join them on the diagonal.  Then, cut about 16 -18 inches from one end of the strip.  Fold the strips in half - meeting the ends - and sew a quarter inch along one side.  It's so long, this can be a bit difficult to make sure you don't twist the strip, but pretty soon you wont' have to worry about that.  Where the fabric folds, cut along the fold.  Press seam to one side. 

Now, meet the ends of this strip together again and sew along one side.  At the fold, cut again.  Repeat again and again.  Put borders on.  One jelly roll makes a good size crib/lap quilt. 

To add interest, I added applique flowers in one corner...  yes, you heard me right... I did the dreaded "A" word...  I free drew 5 petal flowers on Heat and Bond and cut them out.  I ironed them on and used a zig zag stitch around the raw edges...  It adds just a bit of interest don't you think?

This quilt was fast and fun.  I did it in two evenings, but probably could have finished it in one.   If you need a fast baby gift, this is a great one!!

And I did it from stash!!  Another one done!

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