Sunday, February 5, 2012

More sewing for the boy...

Mommy is buying my grandson a Leappad tablet for his birthday.  She could have bought him the case to go with, but thought I'd enjoy the challenge of making one.  I have to say, it allowed me the chance to stretch my tote making skills.  I've always wanted to put a zipper in a tote and this one did it. 

It wasn't easy and it's even harder to explain how I did it.  I guess I'll have to try again and take how to pics.  It came out cute tho!!  I found some whale fabric that he's going to love.

 I put pockets in so he can store his cartridges and ear plugs, and there's a divider down the middle to keep things separate.

And I used iron on fleece to keep things from bumping and ruining the screen.

The hardest part was sewing the lining to the top.  I'll have to try this again!

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