Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Linus Challenge

Well, I'm ahead on my goal of 1 quilt a month this year.  This quilt makes 2 quilts in January and 2 in February.  We'll see how March turns out.  This one I finished quilting so it can be turned in at the March meeting of the NLCQG.

Since not too many from The Quilting Bee follow my blog, I feel safe in posting a picture of my Project Linus Challenge.  You saw the fabrics I worked with in the last post.  I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself on this one.

I've seen many Sunbonnet Sue's and the scrappier the better, so this seemed a great choice to get these fabrics to play together nicely.  It's another challenge for me because I don't "do" applique.  I love it and the different things you can do with applique, but I always saw it as too time consuming.  But I figured that there are only 12 block with 4 pieces here -- I CAN do this!!  I used Heat and Bond to glue the pieces in place and the EuroPro sewing machine that my daughter Beth got for me at an auction for the blanket stitch around the Sues.

 I've always wanted to do a Sunbonnet Sue and actually had fun with this one! 

Has this changed my mind about applique?  Not really.  Will I try applique again?  Probably, if the right project comes up.

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