Monday, April 16, 2012

Dresden Plate, Part Deux

Since it's going to be a gift that will be given in a month, I figured I better get busy and quilt it up!  I only worked 1/2 day today, so this has been one of my projects.

The centers of the plates are done with a circle feather template, the petals are just out lined, and the white background is a small meandering. The borders/sashing is done with a free-hand flower motif.  It's a small project, so it's gone pretty quickly.

I realize (after I started quilting it) that I'm not entirely happy with the sashing/borders, but it works.  Lesson learned... next one I make will have shashing that is worthy of all the work the plates took.  This one seems a little plain to me.

New goal.... dress up my borders and sashaings to make my quilts more interesting!!

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