Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Hands

Today was early release for some schools in our area.  Kelly asked me to watch her 6 year old daughter until she got home.  Shannon followed me up to my sewing room, with a plan in mind. The conversation started out with the pajamas I made her for Christmas....  And like any smart girl, she announced she needed more.  So I put her to work.

She picked out a nightgown pattern from my files (I never get rid of anything) and picked out the flannel material from my stash (leftover from Black Friday shopping at Joann's).  She helped me lay out the pattern and watched me pin it down.  Then I had her cut out on the long lines while I cut the curves.  She really didn't do too bad for her first time!!

She noticed a needle threader I had at my workspace and asked how it worked.  So I gave her a needle and thread and had her try to put the thread through the eye.    I couldn't get the camera fast enough to catch the faces she was making as she tried to thread the needle, but this one is close:

She gave up so gave her an impromtu lesson on threading the needle using the threader, then showed her how to sew fabric together - like the lacing cards she got for Christmas.  She was very interested and asked very good questions... 

I was her age when I started sewing so we'll see what happens..  Maybe I'll make a quilter out of her yet!! 

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