Monday, June 25, 2012

June's Stashbusting

I've been trying to use only stash, but needed to buy some white to do it properly. I took my blue stash and pulled coordinating fabrics and cut them all up into 2 1/2 instrips. It barely made a dent in my stash, but it did help.

I've been making lap/baby/wall hanging sizes all year and I had so many strips that I decided to properly stash bust, I need to make it a full size quilt. Problem with that, I got bored very quickly. I wanted to get this thing done and move on to projects I need for this week (I'm a bit obsessive in that I need to finish one project before starting another, or nothing gets done).

So some playing with blocks on my EQ, addeding some sashing and I have something I'm pretty pleased with. I have enough fabric to add one more border, and when I decide who is going to get this and quilt it up, I may or may not add it. Right now, it's a good queen size at 90X90. One more blue border would make it King size at 101X101.

It is pretty simple.  Cut 2 1/2 inch strips of white and colored fabrics.  Sew one white and one colored fabric together.

Add another set of white and colored fabric.  Make many, many of these strips, mixing the colors around for a nice variety.

This strip set should measure 8 1/2 inches wide.  Cut blocks 8 1/2 inches from each strip set.  You should get 4 - 5, depending on length.  Then  cut the blocks on a diagonal.  It will make a difference whick diagonal you cut on and you will need some triangles cut on each diagonal.   Lets say, the diagonal below - from left to right - is set A.  Cut and equal number from right to left (set B).  Make sure you keep your sets separate.

Starting with set A, sort your triangles based on if they have a white strip at the bottom, or a colored strip at the bottom.  Then mix up each pile to get a good assortment.  You will need to place one triangle with a colored bottom strip and one with a white bottom strip together.  (This placement will be similar to below).  Repeat for set B.

Once you have all  triangles of one set sewn together, again mix them up, flip half of them, and sew them together to make a square.  Repeat for the second set.


(Set A)

(Set B)

Then start arranging and sewing to your liking!  Here is how strip set A and B will look when done.


Toni at Satin Stitchery said...

Love it! I just saw it on Pinterest and hope to make a Quilt of Valor from this pattern. Thanks!

GrammaBabs said...

This is right up my ally!!! I too won't start until i finish:)

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